Herbal Medicine

Experience the gentle, healing power of nature and allow herbs to work harmoniously with your body to help your journey back to health and wellbeing.


Why use a herbalist?

Herbal medicine gets to the root cause of illness by rebalancing the body, creating harmony and optimising health using the healing power of nature and it's innate ability to heal.

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What is Herbal Medicine?

Modern herbal medicine is a synthesis of ancient and modern practices utilising different parts of plants either on their own or in combination, for their healing and medicinal qualities.


What to expect

Treatments and prescriptions are tailored to each individual's characteristics and requirements, making each prescription unique and totally personalised.

An initial consultation will normally take about one hour. During this time, we will discuss your condition, family and medical history, diet and lifestyle plus any conventional treatments you may be taking. You will be asked a lot of questions. I may use iridology (looking into the iris), tongue, nail or pulse diagnosis and take your blood pressure to get a better picture of your health.

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Elinor Ceylan
Naturopathic Herbalist,
Founder of Juniper


I grew up with a love of nature and a feeling that our relationship with it has become obscured through our busy, modern lifestyles. I want to re-establish that connection and inspire others to develop a kinship with the spirit of nature so that they can appreciate and learn to honour it’s wisdom. Herbal medicine provides me with this opportunity and is as much about re-tuning to the natural world as it is about healing illness.


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Juniper health and education blog features herbal remedies, natural skincare recipes, foraging tips, nutrition and natural healthy living to benefit the health of you, your family and friends.


October 2017

At the follow up appointment the patient said that she had felt much better with more energy and had less mood swings.

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