A caring community herbalist, working in harmony with you and nature to enable your optimal health and wellbeing.

Ellie Ceylan    BA, HerbDip, ND, MAMH, MANP Naturopathic Herbalist,  Founder of Juniper

Ellie Ceylan
Naturopathic Herbalist,
Founder of Juniper


Juniper provides natural health solutions so you can achieve optimal health and wellbeing. Furthermore, by promoting herbal medicine and the healing power of nature to the local community, I aim to increase our connection with the natural world.

I grew up with a love of nature and a feeling that our relationship with it has become obscured through our busy, modern lifestyles. I want to re-establish that connection and inspire others to develop a kinship with nature so that they can appreciate and learn to honour it’s wisdom. Herbal medicine provides me with this opportunity and is as much about re-tuning to the natural world as it is about healing illness.

Plants speak their gentle healing ways and connect with our bodies both physically and spiritually - they provide soul and heart connection.

I graduated from the College of Naturopathic Medicine as a Herbalist and Naturopath in 2015 and I’m currently completing my diploma in Iridology. I am a registered member of the Association of Master Herbalists and the Association of Naturopathic Practitioners.



What does a Herbalist do?

As well as having a detailed knowledge of human anatomy, physiology and pathology a herbalist also knows about a plant botany and pharmacology, how to extract the medicinal constituents from plants and create balanced, synergistic formulations. Herbalists often draw on a variety of traditions, treating mind, body and emotions.

After an in-depth initial consultation where many questions are asked about past and current health as well as tongue, pulse and iris examinations, a herbal prescription is dispensed and a treatment plan formulated. Remedies may consist of tinctures (an alcoholic preparation), creams, teas, powders, ointments and more (see the Consultation page for further information).

I use only the highest quality herbs from reputable sources where strength, purity and sustainability are carefully monitored. Herbalism is so much more than just replacing a pharmaceutical drug for a herb, it’s about more than treating an illness, my aim is to help you to achieve vibrant health. I aim to be an empathic and non-judgemental practitioner so we can really get to the heart of your condition.



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